All behaviours are directly linked to an underlying emotional state. For our dogs insecurity, anxiety and stress can be displayed in many different ways from separation anxiety to reactivity towards people or other dogs.

I specialize in helping owners manage their own and their dog's emotional state. Many dog trainers and behaviourists are skilled at teaching techniques to help modify a dogs behaviour but are not able to fully support an owner in understanding and managing their emotional state. To work effectively and create a lasting solution we need to address things from an emotional perspective as well as physical. I can help you do both.

I can work with you as a one off or on a longer basis depending on the situation. My work is effective on it's own or can also complement and enhance any other positive reward based training methods that you may be using.

I can help with any long standing behavioural issues, as well as any other situations or behaviours that are creating anxiety or stress for you and your dog, such as: a recent attack by another dog, an anticipated veterinary visit or procedure, a period of time in kennels.

Understanding your dog

When it comes to resolving behavioural issues emotions play a leading role. Ours and our dogs. To bring about a lasting change in behaviour we have to understand and change the underlying emotional state. It's important that we take an holistic approach and explore the subtle emotional bond that exisits between us and our dog.

Recognising the emotional connection

How we are feeling (consciously and unconsciously) has a deep influence on our dog's emotional state. Whether coping with a visit to the vet or managing chronic separation anxiety, as an owner we are always seeking to offer our dogs the best support we can at times of stress. Unfortunately, this can often become a pressure in itself, especially if we see our dog isn't coping well. It's all too easy for things to begin to feel out of control and although we know how we'd like to feel we don't know how to acheive this.

How many of us find ourselves caught in a spiralling negative state?

Once a pattern of anxiety has set in we can find that we're no longer able to experience our dog neutrally. We begin to anticipate the problematic behaviour and bring our own emotional response to the situation.

How can I help you?

By drawing on my skills as a Tellington TTouch Trainer and a Master NLP Practitioner, I teach simple and effective techniques to help break this difficult cycle and build a feeling of positivity and confidence. Working together I will increase your understanding of your dog and of how our actions affect them. I will give you the tools to help you manage your own emotional responses and also your dogs. Working in this way enhances your emotional connection with your dog and empowers you to positively influence their behaviour.

Working with our dog to resolve a behavioural issue can be a journey of self discovery which deepens our connection to our dog and also allows us the opportunity to access our own areas of emotional imbalance.

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Emotional State Managment

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