What is HART?

black cross breed dog giving high five to human
High Five!

Human Animal Relationship Therapy or H.A.R.T is a framework of questions and observations which enable us to explore the emotional dynamic between ourselves and our animals.

Examples of the type of questions and observations are:

  • How we feel about our animal generally?
  • What role do they play in our life?
  • How does the problem behaviour impact our life and how do we feel about that?
  • Have we experienced similar feelings before?

This type of exploration can increase our awareness and provide a deeper understanding of how and why we relate to our animals as we do. With increased awareness comes a greater degree of choice and control over our emotional responses.

Drawing on NLP techniques I am able to teach you simple and effective stategies to help you step into a more positive and confident frame of mind.

How can HART help you?