One to One

These can be individual one off sessions or a number of regular sessions over a period of time. Sometimes an owner may feel that only one session is necessary and that they have the sufficient skills to assist them with their problem and as in say the case of anxiety over an expected veterinary procedure. Or it may be that a number of sessions will offer the best support for an issue that is particularly emotive or long standing.


I provide workshops on two different subject matters:

  1. Relaxation Skills For Owners (how to stay calm when your dog is stressed)
  2. An Introduction to TTouch

Pet Bereavement Counselling

There are a number of circumstances that may arise which cause us to feel grief for a beloved pet. Death is of course the most obvious one we think of, but there others include when a pet goes missing and isn't found or when the household situation changes and a pet has to be rehomed.

Often we store up our feelings and soldier on. However, over time this can have a very detrimental effect not just on us but on those people and animals we share our lives with.

Bereavement counselling provides a neutral and supportive space in which an owner can talk through their grief and all the associated emotions at their own pace and in their own way.