Relationship Coaching

A unique coaching service for dog owners.

An exploration of our emotional relationship with our dog can increase our awareness and provide a deeper understanding of how and why we relate to our animals as we do. With increased awareness comes a greater degree of choice and control over our emotional responses.

We will use NLP coaching techniques which may involve guided visulisations.

Helping you to:

  • Improve and enrich your relationship with your dog by recognising the unconscious emotional dynamic between you.
  • Use your relationship with your dog as a tool for personal development.
  • Increase your self awareness.
  • Change your dog’s negative behavioural habits by changing your emotional state.

Helping us become more emotionally balanced.

  • Our dog can be a mirror of our own (conscious and unconscious) emotional state.
  • When our dog’s behaviour elicits an stressful or extreme emotional response in us then we can see that as an area within ourselves that needs healing.
  • The qualities we have to access in order to resolve a behavioural or relationship issue are often qualities that are out of balance in our lives.

Helping our dogs become more emotionally balanced.

  • Dogs respond to the emotional environment they live in. By shifting our emotions, we can change their behaviour.
  • Our dogs often act out our unexpressed emotional needs. By acknowledging how we feel we can ‘own’ these feelings and change our dog’s state.
  • By exploring our feelings, we can recognise the unconscious expectations and needs that influence how our dog experiences us and how they behave.